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The Grand Depart!

3 Jul


Ace ManHey gang, have you heard that the Tour De France is coming to Yorkshire?



What is the Tour De France?



Kick Ass Maracas 

It’s a cycle race that started in 1903 in France. Riders from around the World ride in teams of nine people for 23 days in France for over 2,200 miles!



MalakWow that’s a long way! What do they win?






Kick Ass Maracas

Each day is called a ‘stage’ and the person who wins a stage gets a yellow jersey (or cycling top) and they have to give it up if they lose the next stage. You can also win a polka dot jersey for being ‘King of the Mountains’ meaning you raced up the hills the quickest. The person who wins the Tour De France overall gets a Yellow Jersey.






Are there any women or people with disabilities in the Tour De France?




Kick Ass MaracasNo, only men are allowed to compete and they don’t have any disabled riders.






Everyone should be able to take part! Professionals could help to train people with disabilities. The Paralympics was really inspirational and showed just how good people with disabilities are!






Women are just as good as the men ! They should be able to take part. Olympic Cyclist, Lizzie Armitstead agrees!






The Tour De France needs to be more inclusive!






Why is the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire?





Kick Ass MaracasLots of different places, like Scotland, bid to have the ‘Grand Depart’ which is the first three days of the Tour and Yorkshire won!





AnnabelThat’s great! Where will it be?






Kick Ass Maracas                   Stage 1 is on Saturday 5th July from Leeds to Harrogate

                   Stage 2 is on Sunday 6th July from York to Sheffield

                   Stage 3 is on Monday 7th July from Cambridge to London, finishing outside of Buckingham Palace



AceCan anyone watch?





Kick Ass Maracas

Yes! You can watch anywhere along the route and across Yorkshire, there are lots of great things happening, you can find out more on


MalakI think this is a great way of encouraging people to get out on their bikes!




Ace ManAnd it will put the spotlight on Yorkshire and bring lots of money to the county!






They should use the money to create better facilities for people with disabilities to give more people access to cycling and sport. Everyone should have the chance to take part!




A-team membersThe A-Team and everyone at CHANGE would like to wish all of the riders good luck this weekend, we will be cheering you on!










Tour De France

Beyond Barriers – Give disabled people a fair deal in the workplace!

29 Apr


Hey gang, did you know people have been campaigning about ESA?


What’s ESA?

Kick Ass Maracas

ESA stands for Employment and Support Allowance. It’s a type of benefit for people who find it harder to get a job because they have a disability or a problem with their health that they might have for a long time.


It used to be two separate benefits called Incapacity Benefit and Income Support, but now they are both part of ESA.


What is the campaign about?


The Spartacus Network are a group of people with disabilities who are campaigning about disability benefit. They have made a report called ‘Beyond Barriers’.


What does the report say?


It says that people have a lack of support. Did you know only 5% of people on the work programme have actually found work?


They have been accused of picking the best people for jobs and other people, including people with disabilities, are being left behind and forgotten about with little or no contact.

Kick Ass Maracas

Another problem is that non-disabled work places are not too friendly for people with long term health conditions.


And disabled people with similar abilities and qualifications to non-disabled people are less likely to be in work. They are also paid less and more likely to live in poverty. They also face a lot of discrimination when looking for work!


I’ve had experience of that, people talk down to me, they think disabled people don’t matter, they think that they should have all the power.

Kick Ass Maracas

I used to work in a workshop. My manager complained about my work a lot and I only got paid 50p for all of my hard work!


Did you know that in the 21st Century it is possible to do a lot more? Like flexible working and giving people more support to do their job.


Information needs to be accessible and all in one place.


We also need that accessible information in all workplaces.

Kick Ass Maracas

We need more places like CHANGE whose business is to ensure people with learning disabilities are co-working together!

A-team members

How can WE get involved in the campaign?


You can go on Twitter or Facebook and join in the campaign using #BeyondBarriers and call for a better deal for people with disabilities!


I Never Admitted I had a Learning Disability………

31 Mar


The A-team is reblogging this Guest Blog by Shaun Webster, worker with a learning disability at CHANGE because Shaun is one of our heros.

Originally posted on Philipa at Changepeople:

Shaun I am Shaun Webster, European Project Coordinator in CHANGE. I am a person with a learning disability. From my heart I feel very proud to be working in CHANGE. If I didn’t have CHANGE in my life I would be stuck in a dead end job with no power at all. I would be feeling isolated and small with no one taking any notice of me. Now I feel powerful and equal. In the past I used to despise having a learning disability. I used to hide it away. I used to feel embarrassed about it because people used to call me names and abuse me. My dad was embarrassed that I had learning disabilities. If I said that I had a learning disability I felt they treated me like a baby and a second class citizen. Now I am proud that I have a learning disability. I feel that…

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The Paralympics – 6 months later

26 Feb
Track event at London 2012 Paralympics

Track event at London 2012 Paralympics

Kick Ass Maracas


  I wonder if the attitudes of British people about Disabled People have changed since the Paralympics?




  I think it’s good that younger Disabled people will get more involved in sports because of the Paralympics. It is great to have role models like Ellie Simmonds – she’s a celebrity now!


ear1sml But I would like to see lots of Disabled People as role models – like newsreaders, actors, musicians and people doing amazing work in everyday jobs.

KA Maracas


  If the Paralympics made people feel positive about Disabled people we need them to get behind us now – when Disabled people have lots of problems.



  We hope less Disabled People will be bullied or suffer hate crime because of the Paralympics.

Disabled people across the country will have more opportunities to get involved in sport after Sport England announced 44 projects that will benefit from £10.2 million of National Lottery funding from its Inclusive Sport fund. The fund will help tackle the opportunity gap that sees one in six disabled adults playing sport regularly, compared to one in three non-disabled adults.

Have attitudes towards disabled people changed since the Paralympics?

More Bad News About Child Abuse!

17 Dec
It is important



There is a new report out today about children and young people getting abused. The report has come from the Children’s Commissioner; it is her job to speak up for children and young people in Britain. Click on this link to see the report:



The UK needs to hekp abuse victims speak up more

KA Maracas


The report says that this abuse is happening all over Britain. This happened in Rotherham and Rochdale where groups of asian men abused young women, but it’s not just asian men – it is men from all walks of life who do this.


Ghalib was taken to hospital because his hip was broken by the abuse



The report says that all professionals should do a better job of helping young people and not blame them when they are being abused like this.





The report is very good but it is quite hard to understand. I think the Children’s Commissioner should make these reports easy to read for people who have a learning disability.

Kick Ass Maracas

KA Maracas



Let’s all work together to stop this abuse

Bullying keeps disabled people stuck at home!

1 Oct
Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annabel is pissed off about this

Annabel says:  I read a story in the paper about a blind woman who was bullied in the street by some men in a car. They threw eggs at her, shouted and laughed before they drove away. Use this link to read more about the story:

Malak says disabled people need help when they are being bullied

Malak says:  I heard about this too, someone did help her because she was very upset. I think it is really important to say how good it is when disabled people get help when they are being bullied. It helps us to feel that we are not alone.



Ace Man

Ace says:  This lady was just getting more confident at using her guide dog to go out and about. Now she has been bullied like this she might be too frightened to go out. My friend Stevie is blind and she says:

“Many blind people get stuck at home because it is hard to go out if you don’t have enough help and if you are scared of being bullied. Staying at home all the time can make people feel depressed and sad, eat too much and get unhealthy, be bored and lonely and not get a chance to make new friends.”


KickAss Maracas is not happy



I’m unhappy about this; disabled people should have the right to go out!





Yes! And this lady should get some support to help her build up her confidence to go out again and to be less afraid.

Man with learning disabilities abused by family

9 May

A man with learning disabilities called Ghalib Hussain was abused by his family for over three years

A man with learning disabilities called Ghalib Hussain was abused by his family for over three years.  Ghalib came to this country for an arranged marriage and could speak very little English.  The marriage didn’t work and the family of his wife started to abuse him.


The family were cruel and violent to Ghalib and treated him like a slave

The family were cruel and violent to Ghalib and treated him like a slave.  They thought he was a financial burden on them because he couldn’t work.


Ghalib told the Police about being beaten and not being allowed to go back to Pakistan

They threatened to bury him alive and cut his tongue out and beat him all the time!  He escaped and was found wandering in the street.  The police came and someone in the street helped to translate.  When the police asked if they could take him home he go very frightened and clung to a lamp post.  Then Ghalib told them about being beaten and not being allowed to go back to Pakistan.


A relative took Ghalib home where he was very badly beaten for speaking out

A relative took Ghalib home where he was very badly beaten for speaking out.  Four days later a police officer and a social worker went to the house and asked to speak to Ghalib alone.  The family lied and said he wasn’t there but the police found Ghalib huddled on the sofa.


Ghalib told them about how he was badly treated

Ghalib told them about how he was badly treated.



The professionals did a good job by going to help him and making sure they talked to him alone

The professionals did a good job by going to help him and making sure they talked to him alone.



Ghalib was taken to hospital because his hip was broken by the abuse

Ghalib was taken to hospital because his hip was broken by the abuse.



The members of his family who abused Ghalib are being charged

It’s great that Ghalib has got out of this terrible situation and is getting help.  The members of his family who abused Ghalib are being charged with threatening to kill, grievous bodily harm and fear of violence by harassment and false imprisonment.


The family are denying what they did because they think it was OK to treat Ghalib like that because he has a learning disability

They are all denying what they did because they think it was ok to treat Ghalib like that because he has a learning disability.

Disability benefit cuts – we won!

3 Jan

Ace is over the moon I am really over the moon that we won against the Government about the Mobility Allowance part of disability living allowance. The Government are not going to take away the Mobility Allowance from disabled people who live in residential care.

We wrote about this in our blod in May and in November 2011

We wrote about this in the blog in November 2011′s archive called, The Hardest Hit – Thousands march against disability benefits cuts. Annabel also went to London in May 2011 to protest about the cuts – see our blog in May 2011, Disability March on London!


KickAss Maracas says lets go party!

Congratulations everyone, we have won! Let’s go celebrate and have a party!



Annabel is proud of all disabled people who have spoken out against the cuts!

This shows how great it is that disabled people and our friends and family in Britain have spoken up for our rights and won!

The Hardest Hit – thousands march against disability benefit cuts

7 Nov

KA Maracas has been on a demonstration

KA says:

On Saturday 22nd October I went to a march in Leeds.


Leeds Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011



 Ace says:

What was it about?


Kick Ass Maracas

KA says:

It was about the disability benefit cuts.  It was a big success – over 400 people came. The speakers were Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Susan Hanley, Robyn Brockie, Paul Williams, Sheila Banks, Andy Smith, Steve Winyard and Tim McSharry. They all did a great job.


Malak was on holiday at the time

Malak says:

I was on holiday in Portugal but I saw it in the papers. I thought what a good job they did and I felt inspired that people with learning disabilities were speaking up for our rights.



KA says:

It was widely reported on local TV, radio, in the papers and on the internet.

 Across the country over 5,500 people went to the 12 marches, sending a strong message to the government about cuts to disability benefits and services

Annabel says:

Across the country over 5,500 people went to the 12 marches, sending the strongest message to the government about cuts to disability benefits and services. I went to the one in Manchester, it was great! There were speeches and music. Cherylee Houston who is a disabled actress who plays Izzy in The Street was also there.

To find out more go to

Follow The Hardest Hit on facebook

Here are some more photos from The Hardest Hit demonstrations around the country:

Bristol Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Cardiff Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Edinburgh Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Manchester Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Norwich Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011



Brighton Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Newcastle Hardest Hit demonstration 22nd October 2011


Disabled woman killed by friends she thought she knew

10 Oct

I felt sorry for Miss Hayter, the way she was treated. She was a vulnerable person with learning disabilities and she lived independently.


I am pleased the three people who did this have been given life sentences for what they did.



I know the other two people got lighter sentences for manslaughter. I hope this will teach them a lesson they will never forget.


Malak is shocked


I can’t believe the injuries Miss Hayter suffered and what the five people did to her.


This story is like the examples in the Equality and Human Rights Commission Report, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’. The report gives examples of the harassment disabled people face. The stories show the horrible abuse that disabled people go through and they tell us how people are left alone to suffer. As a community, we let disabled people down when we ignore this kind of abuse. Shame on Britain!

Frances Affleck


Frances Affleck, CHANGE Power Changer Co-ordinator, says, “People with learning disabilities need good support. They should be believed when they speak up about bullying and information about how to get help must be accessible.”

Craig Bricklebank


Craig Bricklebank, CHANGE Power Changer Trainer says, “I think harassment of disabled people is wrong. Sometimes when a disabled person tells the police it doesnt get recorded as a disability hate crime.”


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