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Leeds day centres get the chop!

28 Feb
day centres in Leeds are closing

Daycentres in Leeds are closing!

Annabel says:

“There are plans to close the Leeds Crisis Centre and two Day Centres for people mental health problems called The Vale in Hunslet and Stock Hill in Armley. Some people who have learning disabilities also use these centres.

“These closures will put more pressure on the service users and the people they live with.”


Malak says:

“This is disgusting because I feel sorry for people with learning disabilities who are suffering from the cuts made by the local government.”


Ace says:

“What are people with learning disabilities going to do all day?”






 K.A.Maracas says:

“I am really angry about the closure of the Leeds Crisis Centre and the day centres.  The local government should get off there backsides and do something about it.  The Council should change their minds and keep these centres open.”


Benefit cuts to disabled people are wrong!

22 Feb
Powerchangers - speak out!

Speak out!

We all think it’s wrong that the government is cutting benefits, What are we going do about this mess?

Government cuts Mobility Allowance

7 Feb

Annabel says:

‘The government have decided to stop giving mobility allowance to disabled people who live in residential care. Here at the A Team we are worried about how this will effect disabled people. Joe who lives in residential care tells us about what he spends his mobility allowance on:

‘It pays for the upkeep of our minibus and petrol. One day I go for a massage, I go out with the others for a cup of coffee and one morning I go to college.’

He was asked how this will change when they lose their benefits:

‘It will mean we won’t be able to go out for drinks and treats, we will have to use buses and some of my friends will find it too hard to get on a bus. We won’t have a quality of life, we will be very miserable, bored and very very frustrated.’



Malak says:

‘This is going to be bad for a lot of disabled people, I don’t think it is fair!’



KA Maracas says:

‘So what are we going to do about it?’






Ace says:

‘Good question, I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t mess up my hair!’


What is the A-team blog for?

7 Feb
Malak from the A-Team
Hello, my name is Malak. I have Down’s Syndrome.

The A Team blog is a place on the internet where people with learning disabilities can talk about disability rights.  CHANGE volunteers have created the A Team using the TV programme as a fun way to speak out about important issues.

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