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Abuse at Winterbourne View

14 Jun
Secretly shot film at Winterbourne View

Winterbourne View - secretly shot film by BBC Panorama


Annabel is angryAnnabel says:

We have watched the Panorama programme about the abuse at Winterbourne View and it was horrifying to see the residents being bullied by the staff.

Ace is Angry

Ace says:

This is disgusting, this should not have happened to adults with learning disability. They should close the place down.

Malak is angry

Malak says:

In Britain the government should provide better services for people with learning disabilities.

KA is in a nark about it

K.A. says:

The staff should have had training about how to do a good job when they are supporting disabled people.


Listen to the A Team

13 Jun

You can listen to the A Team speak if you click the arrow by the speaker icons in the blog.

Police fluff it up!

6 Jun

Ace says:

There has been a bit of news about the Pilkington case. It is a famous case which we have talked about on the blog.

Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick

Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick

5 police officers are in trouble because they did not help the Pilkington family who phoned for help over 30 times.

This is good because it will make the police do a better job of helping disabled people who are being bullied.

  KA Maracas

K.A.Maracas says:

Talking about the police not doing their job properly there has also been some news about the Stephen Lawrence case. 

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence

The Stephen Lawrence case is also famous like the Pilkingtons because it made people realise how bad racist hate crime is.

Stephen Lawrence was on his way home with his friend  Duwayne when they were attacked by a group of white lads. He was stabbed and died in this racist attack.

The police didn’t do a good job so the bullies got away with it.

This was in the news alot because it made everyone realise that we have to do something about racism.

There has been some changes in the law so that the men who did it are going back to court later this year.

We think this is good because we want bullies to get into trouble and not just get away with it.

You can find out more about this on this website: 

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