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British Airways Staff Discriminate

12 Jul

Alice Saunders


British Airways staff got it wrong

  Kick Ass Maracas

KA says:

I heard a story about a 12 year old girl called Alice Saunders who has Downs Syndrome.  She wasn’t allowed to travel on a plane on her own.

What is the problem? It should be the same for all children, including children with learning disabilities.  This is discrimination.


Annabel is happy with the result

 Annabel says:

This is a story with a happy ending because Alice Saunders and her family stood up for her rights.

They argued with British Airways and told them that this is all wrong.  British Airways realised that they had made a huge mistake and apologised.


Ace is well chuffed about it

Ace says:

I am pleased that Alice has spoken up about her rights and she is proud of being a person with Downs Syndrome.  Well done Alice!


Malak is happy that British Airways saw the "air-ror" of their air-ways

Malak says:

Good on you Alice for getting it sorted out.  You deserve the free tickets which British Airways gave you to make up for their mistake.

We hope that all airlines take notice of this story and stop discriminating against disabled people.


Winterbourne View Closed Down

11 Jul


Annabel says:

We are pleased that Castlebeck has closed down Winterbourne View.


Ace is angryAce says:

The government should have looked into this before things went badly wrong.



KA is in a narkKA says:

The government are now looking into what happened and a case review of the abuse is set for July.



Malak says:

I hope the residents from Winterbourne View will be happier in their new homes.

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