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Disabled man dragged from wheelchair by Police

26 Sep

Jody McIntyre just before Police dragged him out of his wheelchairJody McIntyre just before the Police pulled him from his wheelchair and dragged him to the ground

 Kick Ass Maracas I’m very angry about what has happened to Jody McIntyre!


Annabel describes what happened to Jody McIntyre on th edemonstration of 9th December 2010

Jody McIntyre is a disabled young man who was at a demonstration on 9th December 2010 in London. Lots of people were showing that they were angry about how much it costs to go to University.

National student demonstration against the cuts, Parliament, London, 9th December 2010

Jody got dragged out of his wheelchair by the police and a policeman hit him with his baton. (A baton is the stick used by a police officer).

a police baton

A police baton


The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is an organisation that makes sure complaints against the Police are looked into properly. It said that the Police did not do a good job and had used too much force against Jody McIntyre.


What the Police should have done is talk to him and not just pull him out of his chair. It is never OK to pull a disabled person out of their wheelchair!


 KA MaracasI think disabled people should be able to join in demonstrations and not get hurt like this. To find out more about Jody McIntyre, look at his blog at:

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