Justice for Stephen Lawrence

29 Nov
two men are being tried for murder in the Stephen Lawrence case

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence case is in The News again 




I was watching the news and there was a story about a horrible thing that happened. The story was about the Stephen Lawrence case which happened 18 years ago.


A white gang beat Stephen to the ground

We wrote about this in our Blog in June. Stephen was on his way home with his friend Duwayne when they were attacked by a group of white lads.

Then someone stabbed Stephen to death



Stephen was stabbed and died in this racist attack.



The Police did a bad job investigating at the time. Was this because Stephen was black?

The police didn’t do a good job so the bullies got away with it. This has been in the news a lot because it made everyone realise that we have to do something about racism.


Let's hope the judge can find the truth amongst the lies being told in court

There is a new court case about this murder. Two men called Gary Dobson and David Norris are in court because people say they were in the gang who attacked Stephen.



traces of Stephen's blood has been found on the defendant's clothing

The police have found out new things about what happened. They found small pieces from Stephen’s clothes and some of his blood on Gary Dobson’s jacket.



Kick Ass Maracas is pissed off

I’m very angry about what happened to Stephen because it was wrong and racist!



Malak is angry

I like a bit of a joke – but this is not funny!



Ace is angry and upset about Stephen Lawrence

I feel mad and upset about it too!




We pray for peace and justice for Stephen's grieving family

I feel sorry for his family to go through such awful times. We all hope the court case will lead to justice for Stephen, Duwayne and their families.




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