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Court mistakes lead to ridiculous sentences for torture gang

13 Mar
Manchester Crown Court - mistakes were made

Manchester Crown Court - mistakes were made

Kick Ass Maracas

It’s terrible what happened to Sean Ruddeforth, a vulnerable man with learning disabilities. He was tied to a lamppost for four hours and had paint, food and nail varnish put on him by three drunk people.

The court made a mistake and didn’t tell the judge to treat it as a disability hate crime and the bullies only got suspended sentences.

Malak says the prosecution was a farce


If they had been prosecuted under the Criminal Justice Act 146 with a disability hate crime then they would have been given heavier sentences for what they did to Mr Ruddeforth.

From Left: Maggie Bowden, Anthony Connolly and Rebecca Willis. All three walked free from court after torturing Sean Rudderforth for hours

From Left: Maggie Bowden, Anthony Connolly and Rebecca Willis. All three walked free from court after torturing Sean Rudderforth for hours


Ace says the Crown Prosecution Service is looking into what went wrong


The Crown Prosecution Service is going to look into what went wrong. There are also claims that Greater Manchester Police did not deal correctly with two calls from witnesses.

Sean is mentally scarred from his horrific experience at the hands of these cruel people  Steven Brookes who is co-ordinator of the Disability Hate Crime Network said,

“I am deeply dismayed that the whole criminal justice system failed this person”.



Men jailed for Hate Crime leaflets

12 Mar
Five men prosecuted for making leaflets calling for the death penalty for gay, lesbian and bisexual people

Left to right: Ihjaz Ali, Mehboob Hussain, Umar Javed, Razwan Javed, and Kabir Ahmed







 Malak is very angry about the hate crime leaflets that were delivered by the bullies I saw on the news the other day a story about bullying gay people. Some men in Derby put leaflets through the doors of the houses around their Mosque. The leaflets said that being gay is wrong and that gay people should be killed.


Ace is angry for the people who got the leaflets delivered

This is very upsetting and frightening for the people who saw the leaflets.



Kick Ass Maracas is upset and cross about the hate crime leaflets that have been delivered to people

I heard about this too and it made me upset and cross. The police got involved, they found out who made the leaflets and they arrested them.


Annabel says a UK law was passed in 2010 which makes it illegal to bully gay, lesbian or biselxual people

This is very important because this is the first time anyone has been charged by the police for bullying gay people in this way. In 2010 there was a new law which says it is wrong to:

“get people to join in with bullying people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual”

Malak is Muslim and does not believe that gay people should be attacked in any way

I am a Muslim and I don’t agree with bullying gay people. In the Muslim faith we believe that all bullying is wrong and should be stopped. Our faith also tells us that we should follow the laws in Britain. Most Muslim people don’t agree with those men who made these leaflets.

Ace will tell you about some useful websites for groups that support gay muslims

I am proud to be gay and I know that Muslims can be gay too. I think it is awful for the Muslim gay people who saw the leaflets, they must have been really scared. It can be hard to be a gay Muslim, here are some websites with some information about groups who support gay Muslims:

Saffron – Bradford based support for black and minority ethnic women questioning their sexual orientation: Telephone 07501 221 561 or email

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