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Tricky Police Officers!

7 Aug

KickAss Maracas

   I am angry to hear about the bad police officers who have been sexually abusing women and children. The Guardian newspaper has been looking into this – you can read what they say on their website.


Ace Man

  Power Changer Trainers ( talk about “tricky friends” – this is when a bully pretends to be their friend as a way to get away with the bullying. This is a bit like tricky friends – it is tricky police officers!



  I think we should sort out this problem by putting the bad police in prison.




  I’m very worried about this because the police are saying they want disabled people to speak up about bullying. Hearing about this will make disabled people more scared that the police will do the opposite and not help them but bully them. Most police officers do not bully and they must be very angry about the bad police officers. I want to know what the police are going to do about this.

Abuse of authority by police and police staff, by police authority, 2008-2012

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