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In Memory of Fiona Pilkington and Frankie Hardwick

29 Oct


Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick
Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick


On the 23rd October 2012 it was a sad day because five years ago on that date mother and daughter, Fiona Pilkington and Frankie Hardwick, killed themselves.




They killed themselves because they were fed up with the years of bullying they went through. No one helped them, not even the police. They tried to get help, they phoned the police 30 times but they didn’t listen.


Ace Man


If the police had helped them and stopped the bullies they would be alive now and maybe they might read our blog!



Kick Ass Maracas

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is a group whose job it is to make Britain more equal and to speak up for disabled people. Last year they did a report called ‘Hidden in Plain Sight ‘about disability hate crime. On the 23rd October they put a new report called ‘Out in the Open’. This one is all about what should be done about disability hate crime and you can see it on their website:

EHRC – Inquiry into disability-related harassment



I think we should make October 23rd a special day to remember the Pilkingtons and other victims of disability hate crime. It could also be a day when we get disabled people to speak up about bullying and for professionals to learn more about how they can do a better job of helping. Look at the report for more ideas about what professionals and groups can do to improve things.


kick ass maracas SPEAKS!


Disability Hate Crime – Stop It!




The A-Team





Report it to sort it!


Bullying keeps disabled people stuck at home!

1 Oct
Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annabel is pissed off about this

Annabel says:  I read a story in the paper about a blind woman who was bullied in the street by some men in a car. They threw eggs at her, shouted and laughed before they drove away. Use this link to read more about the story:

Malak says disabled people need help when they are being bullied

Malak says:  I heard about this too, someone did help her because she was very upset. I think it is really important to say how good it is when disabled people get help when they are being bullied. It helps us to feel that we are not alone.



Ace Man

Ace says:  This lady was just getting more confident at using her guide dog to go out and about. Now she has been bullied like this she might be too frightened to go out. My friend Stevie is blind and she says:

“Many blind people get stuck at home because it is hard to go out if you don’t have enough help and if you are scared of being bullied. Staying at home all the time can make people feel depressed and sad, eat too much and get unhealthy, be bored and lonely and not get a chance to make new friends.”


KickAss Maracas is not happy



I’m unhappy about this; disabled people should have the right to go out!





Yes! And this lady should get some support to help her build up her confidence to go out again and to be less afraid.

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