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Abuse by Jimmy Savile – What a terrible story!

20 Nov
jimmy savile - child abuser

Jimmy Savile in his favourite t-shirt

Jimmy Savile - just how did he get away with it?

Jimmy Savile was a star but he did bad things. He targeted children and young people, both men and women. He sexually abused them, this means he was touching them on their private parts and raped them or forced them to have sex.

why didnt anybody stop jimmy savile whilst he was alive?


I am very angry and upset about this, how did he get away with it?               



Jimmy Savile had friends who also abused people and they all kept the secret together



Because he had friends in high places who covered it up.                         


the truth about jimmy savile and his cronies is disgusting       

I am disgusted about what happened, I feel sorry for the victims. It is hard for them to speak up because they are scarred and they don’t know who to tell. They might worry that their family and friends won’t believe them.       


it is hard for victims to speak up about abuse


A lot of the victims were disabled people, it is even harder for people who have learning disabilities to speak up about abuse.


  alot of the abuse happened in the 70s and 80s - people were'nt so aware of the threat in those days

Also a lot of the abuse happened in the 1970s and 1980s when people were not aware of sexual abuse as much as they are now.      


The UK needs to help abuse victims speak up more


 In Britain we need to get better at helping victims to speak up about abuse.      



Let all disabled people support each other to tell about abuse


Disabled people should support each other to tell about abuse and help the victims. So speak up by telling the police, support workers or call a helpline like:

Stop Hate Helpline:  0800 138 1625  (open all the time)

Victim Support:  0845 30 30 900  (open all the time)

Respond:  0808 808 0700  (Friday, 12.30 – 4.00pm)

Voice UK:  0808 8802 8686  (Monday –  Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Childline:  0800 1111  (open all the time)

Women’s Aid (National):  0808 2000 247  (open all the time)

Mencap Helpline:  0808 808 111

National Autistic Society Helpline:  0808 800 4104  (Monday  Friday 10am to 4pm),  minicom: 0845 070 4003


The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

13 Nov
Police and Crime Commissioner Elections - November 15th 2012

Who will you vote for?

My name is Malak



Malak says:

Have you heard about the Police and Crime Commissioner  elections?



Kick Ass Maracas


KA Maracas:

What is it about?   



                          Ace knows what is going on

 Ace says:

Police and Crime Commissioners are people who can be voted in to manage and check how the Police do their jobs.


Annabel - the boss



The elections will happen on 15 November in 41 areas across England and Wales (but not London) Each area will have one Police and Crime Commissioner.

why should we bother to vote?


 Why is it important and why should we bother to vote?



It is important


It’s important because each person who might be elected has different ideas about things.



Choose someone who supports equal rights


So it is important to choose the person who supports equal rights, disability rights, women’s issues and knows about disability hate crime.


 Your vote will make a difference

So it’s important to vote because your vote will make a difference. To find out more about the people in your area you can vote for, go to this website:

or you can telephone  0800 1070708  for more information.

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections to be held on Thursday 15th November

Winterbourne View – Stop the Bullying!

12 Nov
In the dock - the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers

GUILTY – 6 of the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers have been sent to jail










KickAss Maracas is not happy

I am very angry and upset about what I have heard on the news about Winterbourne View. Winterbourne View was a home for disabled people where the staff were bullies. They closed it down and now the bullies have been sent to jail – see BBC News 26th October.

The people who lived there have been moved to different places but a journalist has found out that many are still being bullied in the new places – BBC News 29th October.

Ace is pissed off


This is disgusting, I hate this so much that this is happening again. It will cause problems for the disabled people in their later life. I think they should stop all the bullying, it’s not fair and it’s not funny!


Annabel annoyed big time


It is wrong, professionals should step in and stop this as soon as it happens.


Malak is fed up with all the bullying that goes on


A lot of bullying is going on, it is getting worse and the bullies are getting away with it!



Dont put up with bullying! Report it to sort it!

Many disabled people get worried and frightened when they hear these stories in the news. They might think that this will happen to them if they have to live in a home.

If you are being bullied ring the police straightaway, we say:  

Report it to Sort it!




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