The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

13 Nov
Police and Crime Commissioner Elections - November 15th 2012

Who will you vote for?

My name is Malak



Malak says:

Have you heard about the Police and Crime Commissioner  elections?



Kick Ass Maracas


KA Maracas:

What is it about?   



                          Ace knows what is going on

 Ace says:

Police and Crime Commissioners are people who can be voted in to manage and check how the Police do their jobs.


Annabel - the boss



The elections will happen on 15 November in 41 areas across England and Wales (but not London) Each area will have one Police and Crime Commissioner.

why should we bother to vote?


 Why is it important and why should we bother to vote?



It is important


It’s important because each person who might be elected has different ideas about things.



Choose someone who supports equal rights


So it is important to choose the person who supports equal rights, disability rights, women’s issues and knows about disability hate crime.


 Your vote will make a difference

So it’s important to vote because your vote will make a difference. To find out more about the people in your area you can vote for, go to this website:

or you can telephone  0800 1070708  for more information.

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections to be held on Thursday 15th November


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