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More Bad News About Child Abuse!

17 Dec
It is important



There is a new report out today about children and young people getting abused. The report has come from the Children’s Commissioner; it is her job to speak up for children and young people in Britain. Click on this link to see the report:



The UK needs to hekp abuse victims speak up more

KA Maracas


The report says that this abuse is happening all over Britain. This happened in Rotherham and Rochdale where groups of asian men abused young women, but it’s not just asian men – it is men from all walks of life who do this.


Ghalib was taken to hospital because his hip was broken by the abuse



The report says that all professionals should do a better job of helping young people and not blame them when they are being abused like this.





The report is very good but it is quite hard to understand. I think the Children’s Commissioner should make these reports easy to read for people who have a learning disability.

Kick Ass Maracas

KA Maracas



Let’s all work together to stop this abuse

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