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A Judge says that a man with Learning Disabilities is to be sterilised

3 Sep

Malak has heard that a man with learning disabilities is going to be sterilisedMalak

Did you hear about the story in the news where a judge said that a man with learning disabilities is to be sterilised.





Annabel has also heard the news about the man being sterilisedAnnabel

Yes, I heard that.  He is a 36 year old man with learning disabilities who is from the Midlands.  He is in a long term relationship with a woman who also has learning disabilities. They love each other very much and had a son together in 2010.




KA says the man did not want to have any more children because it is too hard for him and his girlfriend to look after themKickAss Maracas

The man said that he did not want any more children as he would find it too stressful and that having a child has already been hard for him, and his girlfriend and their families to cope with.





The man is able to give consent to have sex but isn’t able to make decisions around using contraception.  This meant that the case had to go to a high court to make sure a fair decision could be made about whether the man should be sterilised or not as he was unable to make the decision himself.



Ace thinks cases like this should be looked at very carefully by the authorities so that decisions are made in the best interests of men like thisAce Man

It’s really important that cases like this are looked at very carefully so that decisions can be made in the best interests of the person it affects-in this case the  man.





Annabel points out that the situation affected the man's girlfriend and their families as well

It didn’t just affect the man; it affected his girlfriend and their families!




Ace explains that before the sterilisation, the two families had to keep the man and woman apart so they didnt get pregnant again. This was stressful all round.

Their families got involved and tried to keep the couple apart.  This was to make sure that they weren’t left alone together as they were really worried that the girlfriend might fall pregnant again.  This was a difficult thing to do and was very upsetting for the couple to be separated.




This really screwed up the couple's sexlife

It really affected the man’s independence as it meant that he wasn’t able to see his girlfriend alone and took away the couples right to have a loving relationship.




Now the couple can see each other without worrying about having another baby that they found too hard to look after

I agree and I think that in this case it was good that judge decided that the man should be sterilised as it meant that the couple could now have a happy, loving relationship without the worry of the girlfriend falling pregnant again.




Annabel thinks this is better than sterilising someone without their consent

It’s good the case went to court as we don’t want to go back to the days where people don’t get to decide themselves and are sterilised without their consent!

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