Co-production – what is it?

10 Dec

Kick Ass Maracas

I’m a bit fed up and angry with people not including us! Why are we never asked for our opinion?



Ace Man

Things need to change!




I agree things can’t stay the same. But have you heard about co-production?



KA Maracas

No I haven’t – what is co-production?




It means including people in a real way so they can be involved and have a say in things that affect them.




Oh, that sounds brilliant!




It’s not just about helping make the decisions, it’s about being employed to make it happen. People with learning disabilities need to be employed in the services that affect their lives.



Kick Ass Maracas

That’s a great idea!




I’d like to be involved in that!




It would be hard work to change people’s attitudes but it would be worth it. If we were involved in this way, we could build our skills and get more confidence.



Ace Man

Services would become much better if we had a voice and involvement in creating them.




That would help people change their attitudes. Then they might see what people with Disabilities CAN DO rather than just seeing what we CAN’T DO!


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