Co-production works!

17 Dec

KA Maracas

Hey Annabel, I’ve been thinking about Co-production a lot since we talked about it and it reminded me about my cousin Mary. She has learning disabilities and had a hard time a few years back. She had three kids and lived in a really rough area where there were problems with drugs and poverty. She didn’t get the support she needed and ended up losing her kids. She was devastated.




That’s sad. So what happened?




KA Maracas

She got involved with an organisation called CHANGE who campaign for the rights of people with learning disabilities. They employed her as a co-worker on a project making an accessible book about pregnancy and birth. She was very happy to have a proper paid job especially doing work that was helping people with learning disabilities.




That’s great.




Kick Ass Maracas

While she was working at CHANGE she was able to have enough money to get her own place and make positive changes in her life. She got pregnant again and when she left work she was able to keep her baby because she had made her life better and safer. She also knew that it was her right to get support to keep her child.




That’s a really positive story about someone being involved in co-production and the difference it made to her life. We need to keep on pushing for change so people with learning disabilities can be employed in real jobs.


One Response to “Co-production works!”

  1. communityconnectionslewisham December 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    Great post, and an excellent example of co-production in action, we are surrounded by assets that are all too often just seen as needs!

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