How was your Christmas?

20 Jan

KA Maracas

Did you have a nice Christmas?




No. I was on my own and I felt a bit lonely.



Kick Ass Maracas

Sorry to hear that. Do you not spend it with your family?





They all live far away and anyway I don’t really get on with them.




It was hard for me too – it was my first Christmas without my mum and I miss her lots.



That’s sad for you. Everyone remembers loved ones they have lost at this time of year.



Kick Ass Maracas

Yes, and it is hard because everyone expects you to be happy. I found it difficult at Christmas-time because my usual support group has a break.




Wouldn’t it be great if there were places where you could get support and meet people who are also struggling?




That’s a good idea. I’m lucky that I live in a community where neighbours check on each other. My neighbour bought small gifts for the people who were on their own.




It would have been nice if I’d had somewhere to go to share a Christmas meal.



KA Maracas

My family like to do things for other people at Christmas. We helped at a local soup kitchen for homeless people.




Ace Man

That’s great. People need to be more sharing and generous and think about other people at Christmas, not just their own families.




Kick Ass Maracas

We can get involved in things happening to help others who are struggling in our community. That can help us to be happy too.




Shall we find out what’s happening in the community and all get involved next Christmas?




KickAss, Ace Man and Annabel from the A-Team

 Yes, great idea!


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