Pledging to make things better in the NHS

24 Mar
NHS Expo in Manchester last month - Innovation in Health and Care

People with learning disabilities tell it like it is at the NHS Expo in Manchester last month


I went to the NHS England Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester last week.



Ace Man

Oh, what was that like?






It was really interesting. There were lots of people taking part. There were displays and speakers, workshops and cafes.






Why were you there?





MalakI went with our organisation. We were networking, taking part in group discussions and doing presentations. Some of our group got filmed talking about the work we do about involvement, co-production and people with learning disabilities. There was an area called Speakers Corner where people could take part in discussions about making the NHS better. People were invited to make pledges about how they are going to do this.






What are pledges?






A pledge is a promise to do something. People could write a pledge on a flag about what they will do or write or draw on a graffiti wall to share good ideas.






I can think of a few things I’d like the NHS to promise to change. What about accessibility when I go to the doctor or hospital. I’d like them to pledge to make reception counters lower for people and think of people who are wheelchair users.






I’d like them to pledge to make the touch screen easier to use at the doctors – I can’t use it easily.




Kick Ass Maracas

I’d like them to make sure all the NHS staff get disability awareness training. They should learn about better communication and how to listen properly. They need to understand that everyone has different communication needs.





Ace Man

I want to be treated as a person – not just seen as my disability.






I think it would be good if they thought about giving people accessible information when they need it. You need easy-read information when you go home to help you with taking your medicine, as well as at the doctors.






These are all things health and social care workers need to think about changing if they want the NHS to be people-centred. They need to listen to people with disabilities.





Ace Man

Pledges are good but you have to carry them out. It’s like the A Team. We have all pledged to raise awareness about accessibility and disability issues and we do it!


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