I Never Admitted I had a Learning Disability………

31 Mar

The A-team is reblogging this Guest Blog by Shaun Webster, worker with a learning disability at CHANGE because Shaun is one of our heros.

Philipa at Changepeople

Shaun I am Shaun Webster, European Project Coordinator in CHANGE. I am a person with a learning disability. From my heart I feel very proud to be working in CHANGE. If I didn’t have CHANGE in my life I would be stuck in a dead end job with no power at all. I would be feeling isolated and small with no one taking any notice of me. Now I feel powerful and equal. In the past I used to despise having a learning disability. I used to hide it away. I used to feel embarrassed about it because people used to call me names and abuse me. My dad was embarrassed that I had learning disabilities. If I said that I had a learning disability I felt they treated me like a baby and a second class citizen. Now I am proud that I have a learning disability. I feel that…

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