The Grand Depart!

3 Jul


Ace ManHey gang, have you heard that the Tour De France is coming to Yorkshire?



What is the Tour De France?



Kick Ass Maracas 

It’s a cycle race that started in 1903 in France. Riders from around the World ride in teams of nine people for 23 days in France for over 2,200 miles!



MalakWow that’s a long way! What do they win?






Kick Ass Maracas

Each day is called a ‘stage’ and the person who wins a stage gets a yellow jersey (or cycling top) and they have to give it up if they lose the next stage. You can also win a polka dot jersey for being ‘King of the Mountains’ meaning you raced up the hills the quickest. The person who wins the Tour De France overall gets a Yellow Jersey.






Are there any women or people with disabilities in the Tour De France?




Kick Ass MaracasNo, only men are allowed to compete and they don’t have any disabled riders.






Everyone should be able to take part! Professionals could help to train people with disabilities. The Paralympics was really inspirational and showed just how good people with disabilities are!






Women are just as good as the men ! They should be able to take part. Olympic Cyclist, Lizzie Armitstead agrees!






The Tour De France needs to be more inclusive!






Why is the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire?





Kick Ass MaracasLots of different places, like Scotland, bid to have the ‘Grand Depart’ which is the first three days of the Tour and Yorkshire won!





AnnabelThat’s great! Where will it be?






Kick Ass Maracas                   Stage 1 is on Saturday 5th July from Leeds to Harrogate

                   Stage 2 is on Sunday 6th July from York to Sheffield

                   Stage 3 is on Monday 7th July from Cambridge to London, finishing outside of Buckingham Palace



AceCan anyone watch?





Kick Ass Maracas

Yes! You can watch anywhere along the route and across Yorkshire, there are lots of great things happening, you can find out more on


MalakI think this is a great way of encouraging people to get out on their bikes!




Ace ManAnd it will put the spotlight on Yorkshire and bring lots of money to the county!






They should use the money to create better facilities for people with disabilities to give more people access to cycling and sport. Everyone should have the chance to take part!




A-team membersThe A-Team and everyone at CHANGE would like to wish all of the riders good luck this weekend, we will be cheering you on!










Tour De France


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