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Bring back our girls!

2 Jun

#Bringbackourgirls - protest banners made by people with learning disabilities at CHANGE



Hey gang, have you heard that over 200 school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria in April by a terrorist group called Boko Haram?




What is a terrorist?





Kick Ass Maracas

Terrorists are people who may hurt other people to get their own way. They may use violence to force other people to do what they want.





They came in the night, we do not really really know how they did it, but they took the girls.




Kick Ass Maracas

The girls were taken because Boko Haram think that girls should not go to school.






We’ve heard that people know where the girls are being held but that they cannot get near to them. We are very worried about them, the girls may be scared and they may not be well.





We want to know what is being done to find the girls!






We want to show our support for the girls. They have already shown they have strength and courage – we must show that we have too.





Kick Ass Maracas

Everyone has the right to go to school. It is important that the girls have this right and that they are returned. We want our government to help bring back the girls and to tell us what they are doing!





How can we show our own support for the girls?






You can go on Twitter or Facebook and join in the campaign using the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls and call for justice for the Nigerian School Girls!



KA Maracas

You could also make banners to show your support, like the volunteers at CHANGE.





#Bringbackourgirls banners made by CHANGE volunteers

#Bring back our girls banners made by CHANGE volunteers

A-team members

Together we can #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!


2013 in review

6 Jan

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Should hidden cameras be put in care homes?

4 Nov


Have you heard that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are thinking of putting hidden cameras into care homes?






No I haven’t! Why would they do that?






There’s a lot of abuse and bullying goes on in care homes and the CQC want to stop it.





Oh yes, I remember what was happening in that care home called Winterbourne View.



KA Maracas

KA Maracas

I’m not sure if cameras are a good idea.





Ace Man

Ace Man

But it would help get rid of the bullying and abuse and people would feel safer.





Kick Ass Maracas

Yes, but I wouldn’t want to be watched all the time in my own home. There would be no privacy!






I agree with you – I wouldn’t like that either!






But how can people be kept safe from the bullies and abusers?




Ace Man

The CQC are also thinking of using ‘Mystery Shoppers’. This is where people go into the care home and pretend they are looking for care for a loved one.

They could get people to pretend to be a cleaner or a handyman too!





That might work better because the care workers would be on their best behaviour if someone was looking to move someone there.





Why don’t they give everyone in the care home a secret emergency phone to use to get help.





This wouldn’t work because carers can take away things easily. And it’s hard to keep things secret or private when you depend on other people for help.






Why don’t people who are being bullied just tell someone?





They might be frightened that the bullies will do worse things to them. They may be frightened to get into trouble and feel it is their fault somehow. They might not have anyone to tell. Also people who have told about bullying and abuse sometimes haven’t been believed.





That’s horrible! It’s awful that people can’t feel safe and cared for in their own home.




KA Maracas

Anything they do such as cameras or mystery shoppers needs to be balanced against peoples’ right to privacy.





Yes that’s important. I think the people who live in care homes need to be asked what they think about it before anything gets decided.




Kick Ass Maracas

The staff need to be trained by people with learning disabilities!





Disabled people want better services in their care homes!

31 Jul


  The Care Quality Commission have just finished a report all about the care of disabled people.

This is because they have been looking into it since the bad stories about Winterbourne View. You can find out more about this in the CHANGE statement.

This new report says that things aren’t as bad as they were in Winterbourne View but that disabled people are not getting a good service.

KickAss Maracas

  I read the report. It says people are not being treated as individuals. Another way of saying this is that disabled people are not being given a chance to choos and say what they want.

The next thing they found out is that disabled people are staying too long in Assessment Centres (the places where professionals will find out how to help the disabled person).


  The next thing they found out is that the restraint is not good and is hurting them. This is when someone might hurt themselves or someone else adn restraint is a way to stop them from doing this.

The other thing they found is that disabled people are bored.


  I think they should talk to disabled people, ask them their views and listen to them and take on what they say.

The assessments are taking too long so they need to do a faster and better job.

Professionals need to learn how to do restraint in a better and safer way.

I’m upset that people are bored – they should be put on more activities and find more ways to help people to get out into the community. Things like going on day trips, going to the cinema, to the gym, to the park or to a restaurant.



  It’s bad that disabled people are not being treated fairly. I think we should get them (the CQC) to do a better job and then go back and see if things are better.

Justice for Josh

17 Apr
Acton Baths,  West London, where Police handcuffed and assaulted autistic teenager

Acton Baths, where Police handcuffed and assaulted teenager


 I read a story in the paper about a young man called Josh who has learning disabilities. He was at the swimming baths with his friends and support workers. He was in his clothes at the side of the pool and he was enjoying looking at the water. He was in his own dream world, another word for this is a ‘trance’. The pool staff rang the police because they wanted him to stop doing it.

Kick Ass Maracas

                                         This is when things started to go really wrong for Josh. The police and pool staff didn’t listen to the support staff, they tried to get Josh to stop but this scared him and he jumped into the pool. After he got out of the pool the police put handcuffs on him and tied up his feet, and then they put him in the police van.   

The Police put Josh in handcuffs at the pool

Police put Josh in handcuffs

The Police left Josh alone in their van - cold and dripping wet

The Police left Josh alone in their van - cold and dripping wet

He was all wet and very frightened and they left him all on his own.

Annabel  Josh and his family were very upset and angry about what happened so they took the police to court. The judge agreed that the police were guilty and had discriminated against Josh. Another way to say this is that they were not fair to him. The judge said that the police had to pay some money to them. Josh and his family are pleased the court said the police are guilty but they really want the police to say sorry.


Since this happened every time Josh hears a police siren he gets very upset and frightened. He doesn’t like going swimming anymore. His epilepsy is worse because he is so upset about it.  

Since this happened every time Josh hears a police siren he gets very upset and frightened

Police sirens scare Josh since the incident at the baths


Kick Ass Maracas thinks the Police need training when it comes to dealing with people with learning disabilities








I think the police need to learn more about working with people who have a learning disability, they need some training!


We think the police should say, "Sorry"

The police don’t want to say sorry because they want to take it back to court. We disagree, we think the police should say sorry and admit they made a mistake.

What if Josh is the victim of a hate crime?

What if Josh is a victim of a hate crime? The police are saying they want disabled people to speak up about being bullied but this will be very hard for Josh after his terrible experience.

Come on Metropolitan Police – you can do a better job than this!

Come on Metropolitan Police – you can do a better job than this!


Court mistakes lead to ridiculous sentences for torture gang

13 Mar
Manchester Crown Court - mistakes were made

Manchester Crown Court - mistakes were made

Kick Ass Maracas

It’s terrible what happened to Sean Ruddeforth, a vulnerable man with learning disabilities. He was tied to a lamppost for four hours and had paint, food and nail varnish put on him by three drunk people.

The court made a mistake and didn’t tell the judge to treat it as a disability hate crime and the bullies only got suspended sentences.

Malak says the prosecution was a farce


If they had been prosecuted under the Criminal Justice Act 146 with a disability hate crime then they would have been given heavier sentences for what they did to Mr Ruddeforth.

From Left: Maggie Bowden, Anthony Connolly and Rebecca Willis. All three walked free from court after torturing Sean Rudderforth for hours

From Left: Maggie Bowden, Anthony Connolly and Rebecca Willis. All three walked free from court after torturing Sean Rudderforth for hours


Ace says the Crown Prosecution Service is looking into what went wrong


The Crown Prosecution Service is going to look into what went wrong. There are also claims that Greater Manchester Police did not deal correctly with two calls from witnesses.

Sean is mentally scarred from his horrific experience at the hands of these cruel people  Steven Brookes who is co-ordinator of the Disability Hate Crime Network said,

“I am deeply dismayed that the whole criminal justice system failed this person”.


Justice for Stephen Lawrence

29 Nov
two men are being tried for murder in the Stephen Lawrence case

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence case is in The News again 




I was watching the news and there was a story about a horrible thing that happened. The story was about the Stephen Lawrence case which happened 18 years ago.


A white gang beat Stephen to the ground

We wrote about this in our Blog in June. Stephen was on his way home with his friend Duwayne when they were attacked by a group of white lads.

Then someone stabbed Stephen to death



Stephen was stabbed and died in this racist attack.



The Police did a bad job investigating at the time. Was this because Stephen was black?

The police didn’t do a good job so the bullies got away with it. This has been in the news a lot because it made everyone realise that we have to do something about racism.


Let's hope the judge can find the truth amongst the lies being told in court

There is a new court case about this murder. Two men called Gary Dobson and David Norris are in court because people say they were in the gang who attacked Stephen.



traces of Stephen's blood has been found on the defendant's clothing

The police have found out new things about what happened. They found small pieces from Stephen’s clothes and some of his blood on Gary Dobson’s jacket.



Kick Ass Maracas is pissed off

I’m very angry about what happened to Stephen because it was wrong and racist!



Malak is angry

I like a bit of a joke – but this is not funny!



Ace is angry and upset about Stephen Lawrence

I feel mad and upset about it too!




We pray for peace and justice for Stephen's grieving family

I feel sorry for his family to go through such awful times. We all hope the court case will lead to justice for Stephen, Duwayne and their families.



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