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Personal Budgets – What does it mean?

10 Feb

Ace Man

I’ve been hearing a lot about Personal Budgets, what does this mean?



Oh, I am just trying to understand that myself as everything is changing.  But it’s about getting money for the care and support I need.




I’ve heard it’s supposed to give us more choice and control so we can have a better quality of life – but I only know one person with learning disabilities who has a Personal Budget.



KA Maracas

Yes, but how is that different from Direct Payments? Are you still getting the money that you need?




Yes I am but I can decide how to use it. It’s about me being at the centre of my care. I can decide what care I want and who’s going to provide that support and care. It’s personal to each person as everyone is different.




But why is that better?




It’s better because when services are planned they ask the person that who needs them what they want. Also health care and social care professionals are going to work together better to help each person.




I think we might be able to use our Personal Budgets to get more involved in community life, which would be great, because I know lots of people with learning disabilities don’t feel included in their communities.




But how are we going to find out about Personal Budgets so that we understand what it is and know what help and support is available? I’ve never seen any easy read information about Personal Budgets.



Kick Ass Maracas

Neither have I. We need information about Personal Budgets that has pictures and easy words. This would help us to get the right information without relying on our social worker or our support worker to get it for us. Videos would help us to understand too. Then we’d have more power!



Ace Man

Has it made a difference for you, Annabel?




Yes, I can choose what support I get and also change it to something else when my health changes. I have more freedom to get around because my transport fits round me rather than the timetable of the provider. This make me feel much happier because I am more independent.



KA Maracas

We will just have to see how it works out for different people as it’s a lot of changes to services and people are a bit worried about how it’s going to work for them.




I think we will need good support to understand the changes and how they will affect us. We need Peer to Peer support and training from other people with learning disabilities to help us understand what our rights are, what Personal Budgets are, how we get them and what to do if things go wrong.




Oh, Peer to Peer and easy read information, wouldn’t that be great. I can feel the power!




Will Disabled People be worse off? Changing DLA to PIP

12 Mar
Disability Living Allowance Demonstration

Disability Living Allowance Demonstration

Ace is worried


I am worried about PIP and how it will affect me and my family. I don’t know why they are changing DLA – I wish they would leave it as it is.

Malak is frightened about going for a DLA assessment

 ear1sml  I am frightened of having to go for a new assessment. Being asked lots of questions puts me under pressure and makes me anxious.

It's another attack on disabled people

 ear1sml  It feels like another attack on Disabled People and the cuts in our benefits. I don’t think they asked Disabled People to give their views on the changes. They don’t listen to us and our experiences.

We have to fight against the cuts

ear1sml  I’m worried that my means of getting out and about will be taken away and I’ll be stuck in the home, like a prisoner. We have to fight against being made poorer and not having a fair chance. We have to show how this affects our equal rights.

Disabled people stop the traffic in protest!

13 Feb
Disabled people stop the traffic in London's Oxford Circus (28-01-2012) in protest of the governments cuts to welfare benefits
Disabled people stop the traffic in London’s Oxford Circus, 28th January 2012

 Ace is over the moon

Last Saturday I went to London with Annabel to join in an action about the cuts.


Annabel asks what a Power Changer is

  It was a demonstration against the cuts to disability benefits.  The cuts discriminate against disabled people.  We chained ourselves in a line across the road to stop the traffic.

Ace chained himself to other disabled people and they stretched across the road

We wanted to make people in Britain realise that the cuts are wrong and disabled people are suffering.



KickAss Maracas says it's really good to see disabled people being strong, clever and having disability pride.

I saw it on the news. What the government is doing makes me mad.  But it was really good to see disabled people being really strong, clever and having disability pride. 

Malak says It was great to see disabled people speaking up for our rights. You can watch it on the Guardian website.

I watched a film about it on the internet.  It was great to see disabled people speaking up for our rights.  You can watch it on the Guardian website: click here.

Disability benefit cuts – we won!

3 Jan

Ace is over the moon I am really over the moon that we won against the Government about the Mobility Allowance part of disability living allowance. The Government are not going to take away the Mobility Allowance from disabled people who live in residential care.

We wrote about this in our blod in May and in November 2011

We wrote about this in the blog in November 2011’s archive called, The Hardest Hit – Thousands march against disability benefits cuts. Annabel also went to London in May 2011 to protest about the cuts – see our blog in May 2011, Disability March on London!


KickAss Maracas says lets go party!

Congratulations everyone, we have won! Let’s go celebrate and have a party!



Annabel is proud of all disabled people who have spoken out against the cuts!

This shows how great it is that disabled people and our friends and family in Britain have spoken up for our rights and won!

Government cuts Mobility Allowance

7 Feb

Annabel says:

‘The government have decided to stop giving mobility allowance to disabled people who live in residential care. Here at the A Team we are worried about how this will effect disabled people. Joe who lives in residential care tells us about what he spends his mobility allowance on:

‘It pays for the upkeep of our minibus and petrol. One day I go for a massage, I go out with the others for a cup of coffee and one morning I go to college.’

He was asked how this will change when they lose their benefits:

‘It will mean we won’t be able to go out for drinks and treats, we will have to use buses and some of my friends will find it too hard to get on a bus. We won’t have a quality of life, we will be very miserable, bored and very very frustrated.’



Malak says:

‘This is going to be bad for a lot of disabled people, I don’t think it is fair!’



KA Maracas says:

‘So what are we going to do about it?’






Ace says:

‘Good question, I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t mess up my hair!’


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