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Winterbourne View – Stop the Bullying!

12 Nov
In the dock - the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers

GUILTY – 6 of the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers have been sent to jail










KickAss Maracas is not happy

I am very angry and upset about what I have heard on the news about Winterbourne View. Winterbourne View was a home for disabled people where the staff were bullies. They closed it down and now the bullies have been sent to jail – see BBC News 26th October.

The people who lived there have been moved to different places but a journalist has found out that many are still being bullied in the new places – BBC News 29th October.

Ace is pissed off


This is disgusting, I hate this so much that this is happening again. It will cause problems for the disabled people in their later life. I think they should stop all the bullying, it’s not fair and it’s not funny!


Annabel annoyed big time


It is wrong, professionals should step in and stop this as soon as it happens.


Malak is fed up with all the bullying that goes on


A lot of bullying is going on, it is getting worse and the bullies are getting away with it!



Dont put up with bullying! Report it to sort it!

Many disabled people get worried and frightened when they hear these stories in the news. They might think that this will happen to them if they have to live in a home.

If you are being bullied ring the police straightaway, we say:  

Report it to Sort it!





Disabled people stop the traffic in protest!

13 Feb
Disabled people stop the traffic in London's Oxford Circus (28-01-2012) in protest of the governments cuts to welfare benefits
Disabled people stop the traffic in London’s Oxford Circus, 28th January 2012

 Ace is over the moon

Last Saturday I went to London with Annabel to join in an action about the cuts.


Annabel asks what a Power Changer is

  It was a demonstration against the cuts to disability benefits.  The cuts discriminate against disabled people.  We chained ourselves in a line across the road to stop the traffic.

Ace chained himself to other disabled people and they stretched across the road

We wanted to make people in Britain realise that the cuts are wrong and disabled people are suffering.



KickAss Maracas says it's really good to see disabled people being strong, clever and having disability pride.

I saw it on the news. What the government is doing makes me mad.  But it was really good to see disabled people being really strong, clever and having disability pride. 

Malak says It was great to see disabled people speaking up for our rights. You can watch it on the Guardian website.

I watched a film about it on the internet.  It was great to see disabled people speaking up for our rights.  You can watch it on the Guardian website: click here.

Disability benefit cuts – we won!

3 Jan

Ace is over the moon I am really over the moon that we won against the Government about the Mobility Allowance part of disability living allowance. The Government are not going to take away the Mobility Allowance from disabled people who live in residential care.

We wrote about this in our blod in May and in November 2011

We wrote about this in the blog in November 2011’s archive called, The Hardest Hit – Thousands march against disability benefits cuts. Annabel also went to London in May 2011 to protest about the cuts – see our blog in May 2011, Disability March on London!


KickAss Maracas says lets go party!

Congratulations everyone, we have won! Let’s go celebrate and have a party!



Annabel is proud of all disabled people who have spoken out against the cuts!

This shows how great it is that disabled people and our friends and family in Britain have spoken up for our rights and won!

Disabled man dragged from wheelchair by Police

26 Sep

Jody McIntyre just before Police dragged him out of his wheelchairJody McIntyre just before the Police pulled him from his wheelchair and dragged him to the ground

 Kick Ass Maracas I’m very angry about what has happened to Jody McIntyre!


Annabel describes what happened to Jody McIntyre on th edemonstration of 9th December 2010

Jody McIntyre is a disabled young man who was at a demonstration on 9th December 2010 in London. Lots of people were showing that they were angry about how much it costs to go to University.

National student demonstration against the cuts, Parliament, London, 9th December 2010

Jody got dragged out of his wheelchair by the police and a policeman hit him with his baton. (A baton is the stick used by a police officer).

a police baton

A police baton


The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is an organisation that makes sure complaints against the Police are looked into properly. It said that the Police did not do a good job and had used too much force against Jody McIntyre.


What the Police should have done is talk to him and not just pull him out of his chair. It is never OK to pull a disabled person out of their wheelchair!


 KA MaracasI think disabled people should be able to join in demonstrations and not get hurt like this. To find out more about Jody McIntyre, look at his blog at:

Police fluff it up!

6 Jun

Ace says:

There has been a bit of news about the Pilkington case. It is a famous case which we have talked about on the blog.

Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick

Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Frankie Hardwick

5 police officers are in trouble because they did not help the Pilkington family who phoned for help over 30 times.

This is good because it will make the police do a better job of helping disabled people who are being bullied.

  KA Maracas

K.A.Maracas says:

Talking about the police not doing their job properly there has also been some news about the Stephen Lawrence case. 

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence

The Stephen Lawrence case is also famous like the Pilkingtons because it made people realise how bad racist hate crime is.

Stephen Lawrence was on his way home with his friend  Duwayne when they were attacked by a group of white lads. He was stabbed and died in this racist attack.

The police didn’t do a good job so the bullies got away with it.

This was in the news alot because it made everyone realise that we have to do something about racism.

There has been some changes in the law so that the men who did it are going back to court later this year.

We think this is good because we want bullies to get into trouble and not just get away with it.

You can find out more about this on this website: 

Disability March on London!

23 May
10,000 Disabled People March on London protesting cuts to disability benefits and services - May 2011

20,000 Disabled People March on London - May 2011


Annabel says:

“Recently I went London to join with about 20,000 Disabled People to attend a march in Westminster.

“The march was about cuts to benefits including the mobility part of Disability Living Allowance and to other disability services.

“It felt great to be with other Disabled People to speak up for our Rights.”

Leeds day centres get the chop!

28 Feb
day centres in Leeds are closing

Daycentres in Leeds are closing!

Annabel says:

“There are plans to close the Leeds Crisis Centre and two Day Centres for people mental health problems called The Vale in Hunslet and Stock Hill in Armley. Some people who have learning disabilities also use these centres.

“These closures will put more pressure on the service users and the people they live with.”


Malak says:

“This is disgusting because I feel sorry for people with learning disabilities who are suffering from the cuts made by the local government.”


Ace says:

“What are people with learning disabilities going to do all day?”






 K.A.Maracas says:

“I am really angry about the closure of the Leeds Crisis Centre and the day centres.  The local government should get off there backsides and do something about it.  The Council should change their minds and keep these centres open.”

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