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The Paralympics – 6 months later

26 Feb
Track event at London 2012 Paralympics

Track event at London 2012 Paralympics

Kick Ass Maracas


  I wonder if the attitudes of British people about Disabled People have changed since the Paralympics?




  I think it’s good that younger Disabled people will get more involved in sports because of the Paralympics. It is great to have role models like Ellie Simmonds – she’s a celebrity now!


ear1sml But I would like to see lots of Disabled People as role models – like newsreaders, actors, musicians and people doing amazing work in everyday jobs.

KA Maracas


  If the Paralympics made people feel positive about Disabled people we need them to get behind us now – when Disabled people have lots of problems.



  We hope less Disabled People will be bullied or suffer hate crime because of the Paralympics.

Disabled people across the country will have more opportunities to get involved in sport after Sport England announced 44 projects that will benefit from £10.2 million of National Lottery funding from its Inclusive Sport fund. The fund will help tackle the opportunity gap that sees one in six disabled adults playing sport regularly, compared to one in three non-disabled adults.

Have attitudes towards disabled people changed since the Paralympics?


Winterbourne View – Stop the Bullying!

12 Nov
In the dock - the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers

GUILTY – 6 of the 11 Winterbourne View careworkers have been sent to jail










KickAss Maracas is not happy

I am very angry and upset about what I have heard on the news about Winterbourne View. Winterbourne View was a home for disabled people where the staff were bullies. They closed it down and now the bullies have been sent to jail – see BBC News 26th October.

The people who lived there have been moved to different places but a journalist has found out that many are still being bullied in the new places – BBC News 29th October.

Ace is pissed off


This is disgusting, I hate this so much that this is happening again. It will cause problems for the disabled people in their later life. I think they should stop all the bullying, it’s not fair and it’s not funny!


Annabel annoyed big time


It is wrong, professionals should step in and stop this as soon as it happens.


Malak is fed up with all the bullying that goes on


A lot of bullying is going on, it is getting worse and the bullies are getting away with it!



Dont put up with bullying! Report it to sort it!

Many disabled people get worried and frightened when they hear these stories in the news. They might think that this will happen to them if they have to live in a home.

If you are being bullied ring the police straightaway, we say:  

Report it to Sort it!




Bullying keeps disabled people stuck at home!

1 Oct
Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annie Giles-Quinn, bullied because she was blind

Annabel is pissed off about this

Annabel says:  I read a story in the paper about a blind woman who was bullied in the street by some men in a car. They threw eggs at her, shouted and laughed before they drove away. Use this link to read more about the story:


Malak says disabled people need help when they are being bullied

Malak says:  I heard about this too, someone did help her because she was very upset. I think it is really important to say how good it is when disabled people get help when they are being bullied. It helps us to feel that we are not alone.



Ace Man

Ace says:  This lady was just getting more confident at using her guide dog to go out and about. Now she has been bullied like this she might be too frightened to go out. My friend Stevie is blind and she says:

“Many blind people get stuck at home because it is hard to go out if you don’t have enough help and if you are scared of being bullied. Staying at home all the time can make people feel depressed and sad, eat too much and get unhealthy, be bored and lonely and not get a chance to make new friends.”


KickAss Maracas is not happy



I’m unhappy about this; disabled people should have the right to go out!





Yes! And this lady should get some support to help her build up her confidence to go out again and to be less afraid.

One Olympics for everyone!

25 Sep
The London Paralympics 2012

The London Paralympics 2012

kick ass maracas SPEAKS!

I’ve been watching the Paralympics and it’s been great to see all those sporty disabled people showing the country how good they are!


 Annabel went to see the wheelchair racing

I went to see the wheelchair racing, it’s been so exciting!


Hurricane Hannah Cockroft

‘Hurricane’ Hannah Cockroft

Malak says ONE OLYMPICS FOR ALL - disabled and none-disabled alike

Yes it’s been great but I think there should be just one Olympics – lets join them together and then we can all join in!


Equal rights for all!


That’s a brilliant idea! Equal rights means we all work and play together. Everyone can have a sporting chance to enjoy life and sports – it’s our human rights!

Disabled people want better services in their care homes!

31 Jul


  The Care Quality Commission have just finished a report all about the care of disabled people.

This is because they have been looking into it since the bad stories about Winterbourne View. You can find out more about this in the CHANGE statement.

This new report says that things aren’t as bad as they were in Winterbourne View but that disabled people are not getting a good service.

KickAss Maracas

  I read the report. It says people are not being treated as individuals. Another way of saying this is that disabled people are not being given a chance to choos and say what they want.

The next thing they found out is that disabled people are staying too long in Assessment Centres (the places where professionals will find out how to help the disabled person).


  The next thing they found out is that the restraint is not good and is hurting them. This is when someone might hurt themselves or someone else adn restraint is a way to stop them from doing this.

The other thing they found is that disabled people are bored.


  I think they should talk to disabled people, ask them their views and listen to them and take on what they say.

The assessments are taking too long so they need to do a faster and better job.

Professionals need to learn how to do restraint in a better and safer way.

I’m upset that people are bored – they should be put on more activities and find more ways to help people to get out into the community. Things like going on day trips, going to the cinema, to the gym, to the park or to a restaurant.



  It’s bad that disabled people are not being treated fairly. I think we should get them (the CQC) to do a better job and then go back and see if things are better.

Disability hate crime – Report it to sort it!

18 Oct

Power Changers


 We went to a disability hate crime event at Mariners Resource Centre in Leeds.


Kick Ass Maracas

 Bullying is bad and wrong! On this day disabled people had a chance to learn more about it and how to get help.


 I went to a workshop about bullying and hate crime, there was a superhero called a Power Changer!


Annabel asks what a Power Changer is

 What is a Power Changer?










Anyone can be a Power Changer!

A Power Changer is someone who agrees bullying disabled people is wrong and must be stopped









A Power Changer is someone who agrees that bullying disabled people is wrong and should be stopped. 

A Power Changer is someone who speaks out about our human rights, disability hate crime and equal rights








A Power Changer is someone who speaks out about our human rights, disability hate crime and equal rights.

A Power Changer agrees that disabled people should be respected








A Power Changer agrees that disabled people should be respected. A Power Changer is someone who agrees that it is good to ask for help if they are being bullied






 A Power Changer is someone who agrees it is good to ask for help if they are being bullied.

A Power Changer is someone who supports disabled people who have been bullied









A Power Changer is someone who supports disabled people who have been bullied.  

A Power Changer has disability pride







A Power Changer is someone who has disability pride – this means they agree that disabled people are strong, beautiful and handsome. We have a lot to offer in our communities.  


So do you think a superhero will come and save me if I am being bullied? 


 Well, we know that in real life a superhero won’t stop us from being bullied! But there are things we can do to get help and we learnt about that in the workshop.

Being a power changer is all about giving more power to disabled people so that we can speak up for our rights.

 I heard that there are more workshops for disabled people, go to the CHANGE website if you want to find out more.

Disabled woman killed by friends she thought she knew

10 Oct

I felt sorry for Miss Hayter, the way she was treated. She was a vulnerable person with learning disabilities and she lived independently.


I am pleased the three people who did this have been given life sentences for what they did.



I know the other two people got lighter sentences for manslaughter. I hope this will teach them a lesson they will never forget.


Malak is shocked


I can’t believe the injuries Miss Hayter suffered and what the five people did to her.


This story is like the examples in the Equality and Human Rights Commission Report, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’. The report gives examples of the harassment disabled people face. The stories show the horrible abuse that disabled people go through and they tell us how people are left alone to suffer. As a community, we let disabled people down when we ignore this kind of abuse. Shame on Britain!

Frances Affleck


Frances Affleck, CHANGE Power Changer Co-ordinator, says, “People with learning disabilities need good support. They should be believed when they speak up about bullying and information about how to get help must be accessible.”

Craig Bricklebank


Craig Bricklebank, CHANGE Power Changer Trainer says, “I think harassment of disabled people is wrong. Sometimes when a disabled person tells the police it doesnt get recorded as a disability hate crime.”

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